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Connecting people is a beautiful thing.

Our ambition is simple. To connect people for less.

Staying connected is a beautiful thing. In this world, having a mobile phone that allows you to do what you want and connect with who you want at an affordable price is essential.

That's why we're simplifying things, taking the bite out of megabytes and making sure you get more from your mobile. Our sims are wrapped up into affordable packages, so you don't have to break the bank. They're hassle-free and, more importantly, easy to understand.

No confusion. No nonsense. Just simple.

MoneyPlus Telecoms is part of a bigger picture. Our parent company, MoneyPlus, dedicates itself to helping people. Its core mission is to educate people on ways they can save money, so they can get more from life.

Combined, our teams are relentless in their pursuit to help the world become a better place, so our customers can live, explore, and achieve their dreams.

Removing the noise in a busy world.

We don't do cluttered mobile deals or 'tariffs' (whatever a tariff is) instead, we have two plans to choose from. Designed and built around you and what you need, we call them 'no frills' and 'managed'.

The no frills plan is for people who like to keep things simple. With a fixed monthly fee, your plan won't change. You’ll get exactly what you want, and nothing that you don’t. As all of our plans come with unlimited calls and texts, just choose how much data you want and away you go.

The managed plan gives you more control. Made to adapt with your usage, you can switch plans anytime. Not using your data? Jump down. Don’t have enough? Jump up. Simple.

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